Muster Family Tree

Muster Siblings

Nori Muster - Tempe, Arizona. Writer/researcher, editor, counselor, real estate. See websites: * * * your writer in this ancestry.

Bill Muster - Phoenix, Arizona. General manager of consumer products * author of Being the Ball * my brother.


Paula Hassler - Tempe, Arizona. Writer, former ad sales, etc. (our mother). Married to Don Hassler (1970 - present); working musician, retired businessman (see web pages - click here).

Bill Muster (6/18/1926 - 1/3/1989) Los Angeles, California. Our father was a writer, photographer, and businessman. Our parents were married 1950 - 1970.


Our mother's parents:
Click here for a full genealogy going back five generations. To summarize: they were Missouri Synod Lutherans, including eighteen Lutheran ministers and school teachers going back to the mid-1800s. For the most part, they came from Germany and Denmark, settled in the Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nebraska areas; the Christiansen side traces back to the Vikings.

Our father's parents:
Emma Moldenhauer (11/03/1886 - 10/10/1934)
To read more about the Moldenhauer family, including roots in Europe, click here.
William Muster (March 1868 - Jan. 1926)
To read more about the Muster line, click here.

Our father's foster family:
Our father became an orphan at age nine during the Great Depression. He lived in an orphanage, then a series of foster homes until age eighteen. He stayed in contact with the people he knew in the Molitor home, and I continue to stay in contact with them. (To learn more about the Molitors - click here)

Muster Lineage

The Muster family started in America with John Muster, a Swiss national who arrived just in time to fight for the Union in the Civil War. After the war, he married and had eleven children. Their firstborn child was our grandfather, William Muster. My father once told me that all the Musters are related. After learning about John Muster, it adds evidence that he could be right. If you are a Muster in America, you might be a descendant of Barbara and John Muster. To learn more about the John Muster line, click here.

More Photos

The following photos of Bill Muster as a child and young man turned up in a box of his photos.


As a child, c. age four.


High school.


Army Air Force, age nineteen.


Army Air Force, age twenty, buckling his shoes. Military records show that Bill Muster joined the Army in Seattle November 15, 1945, departed for Germany February 3, 1946, and then returned to America December 7, 1946. He was discharged from the Army several weeks later, February 11, 1947. To see his photos of the Nuremberg Trials taken as his service to the U.S. government, click here: Nuremberg Trials. To find out more about Bill Muster after the war, click here. To find more about Bill Muster's life in Los Angeles, click here.

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