The Bill Muster Family of Los Angeles

Bill and Paula Muster were married February 5, 1950, in Chicago, then moved to Los Angeles in 1953. They first lived in an apartment on Grace Avenue in Hollywood, then built their own house on Inwood Drive in Sherman Oaks.

From 1959-1961, the family lived in Sunnyvale, Northern California, in an Eichler house. They moved back to Los Angeles and settled on Longbow Drive in Sherman Oaks from 1961-1970.

Daughter, Nori Muster, was born in 1956, and son Bill Muster was born in 1958. Nori and Bill attended Roscomare Road School, then Van Nuys Junior High. Bill and Paula's marriage ended in 1970, and Paula moved to Arizona. Nori and Bill followed, and attended Camelback High School. Bill holds a bachelor's degree in business from Arizona State University; Nori holds a bachelors from UC Santa Barbara and a masters' from Western Oregon University.

After the divorce, Bill moved to his Skylark Lane house in the West Hollywood Hills in 1972, and continued to work at the same office on Santa Monica Boulevard until his passing in 1989.

Paula was married to Don Hassler from 1970 until his passing in 2013. Paula and both her children, Nori and Bill, are freelance writers, and reside in the Phoenix Valley of the Sun.


Paula's Ancestry Runge and Christiansen ancestors of Paula Jean Hassler.
Travel diary of Bill and Paula's 1951 car trip to Mexico.
The Paula book photos from Paula's life, including her time as a model in Chicago.
Photos of the Eichler house an article about the Muster family in Eichler's newsletter.
Photos of the Longbow Drive house where the Muster family lived from 1961-1970.
Santa Monica office building an Art Deco building from the 1930s on historic Route 66 where Bill worked from 1961-1989.
Alameda house where the family has lived in Arizona since 1992.
Don Hassler Memorial Don was a musician and marketing executive, married to Paula from 1970 until his passing in 2013.
Son Bill Muster's website Being the Ball.
Nori Muster's website for writing and art,

Skylark House

The Skylark House in Los Angeles, where Bill Muster lived from 1972-1989.

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