Genealogy Records of Bill Muster (1926-1989)

John Muster
Civil War ancestor (1830-1887); grandfather of Bill Muster
Moldenhauer-Muster and Miller Genealogy
Bill Muster's mother's family, Valpariso & Chicago, 1930s
Molitor Family
Bill Muster's foster family from ages fifteen to eighteen, Chicago, 1940s
Census Records for the Muster and Mouldenhauer Families
These records show the merging of the Muster and Mouldenhauer families, when John and Barbara's oldest son, William, married Emma Mouldenhauer Miller in 1925.

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Including Bill Muster, b. 1926 Valparaiso, Illinois, d. 1989, Los Angeles
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Was he born in 1925 or 1926?
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Bill Muster's then-wife Paula, and two children, Nori and Bill (1950s & 1960s)
Runge and Christiansen Ancestors of Paula Jean Hassler
Bill Muster's first wife: five generations going back to nineteenth century Germany and Denmark. Last names include Christiansen, Lochmiller, Timm, Bonnichsen; Runge, Dicke, Froehlich (Froelich), Fiene, Bietz, Pluz (or Plutzer, Plutzow).

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