One of the first projects CCI Studios did was a promotional slide show for the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau. Production took place 1976 to 1977, using multi-projector slide show technology that my father developed, along with his photographs and script. The script surfaced in a box of his papers, so I have included it here for fun. It shows how my dad felt about his city. He moved to L.A. in 1953 and it remained his favorite place in the world the rest of his life. Note also that Beverly Hills mansions were apparently still available for only $1 million at the time he wrote this. - Nori

Los Angeles CVB Script

Where is Los Angeles? Even a resident may not be sure where the city begins or ends. The City of L.A. sprawls over a large geographic area bisected by the Santa Monica mountains, which boast thousands of spectacular modern homes clinging precariously to mountain sites with expansive views of the city.

No visit to Los Angeles would be complete without a visit to Hollywood. Its beauty is now a bit decayed, but the Art Deco styling still shows through. The Chinese Theater, with the footprints of Hollywood's most famous stars, is still one of the world's most popular tourist attractions.

You can pay homage to the stars as you promenade on Hollywood Boulevard, where the names of Hollywood's famous are permanently embedded in the terrazzo sidewalk.

And high atop the Hollywood Hills is the recently refurbished huge sign that proclaims to the world that Hollywood still lives. Nearby is the fabled city of Beverly Hills, one of the richest communities in the world, where million dollar homes are commonplace and movie stars are neighbors.

L.A. is the western gateway to the USA, and a real-life fantasy land, where dreams and visions of grandeur attract a never-ending stream of visitors from around the world.


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