The Bill Muster Foundation

Bill Muster started a private foundation in 1986 to support the causes he believed in: photojournalism, interpersonal communication, documentary making, and education. The Foundation also supports human rights, environmental justice, and other liberal causes.

Bill Muster was involved with the Delta Queen Steamboat from 1966 to 1978, when it was based in Cincinnati. Upon his death, his papers and photos related to the Delta Queen transferred to the Cincinnati Museum Center. The Muster Foundation is dedicated to the Museum Center, and to the steamboat collections, especially the Public Landing exhibit and paddle wheel model collection.

Another top priority is to fund the Bill Muster Photo Awards, which takes place at the annual conference of the Society of AmericanTravel Writers (SATW).

The Foundation is based in Culver City, in the offices of Magasinn and Feldman.


Bill Muster (1926 - 1989)

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