Runge Cousins Reunion Minutes 1959-1971

Editor's Note: Reunions of the family of Rev. and Mrs. Carl Runge can be traced back to the 1930s in Iowa.
We do not have records of regular reunions for several decades, but they started up again in 1959.
This time, the reunions included the children of Carl Runge's children, and ran every year from 1959 to 1971.
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The cousins revived the reunions in 1986, after the passing of Martin Runge, at age ninety-one, in Denison.
It occurred to the cousins that life is short and reunions add meaning to life. At first the reunions were annual,
but they switched to biennial, to be held in even numbered years. The new round of reunions has continued every
other year in different cities. All the children of Rev. and Mrs. Carl Runge have gone on to heaven, but the grandchildren
and great-grandchildren, along with their spouses and significant others, met again this year. The 2016 reunion was held in
Augusta, Missouri. Click here for 2016 reunion photos.

This page shows the minutes from all the 1959-1971 reunions. Secretary Irma
Fiene diligently typed up the dates, locations, attendees, and other
facts each year. The stories and artifacts like this exist in a photocopied,
comb-bound book, put together by Bill "Wes" Schilke. The original/digital
version of Runge Stories and Memorabilia is gone, so the minutes
shown here are a scan of a photocopy. However, the information is great fun,
especially if you attended the reunions like I did. - Nori















Up to 1972 - Iowa
1984 - Denison, Oct. 15
1989 - Cincinnati, June. Cousins present were Dick Schilke, Eleanor Holle,
Dick Runge, Jerry Froehlich, Martina Lewis, Bill Schilke, Ken Froelich,
Paula Hassler, Carl Runge, Clem Runge. And, of course, all of us out-laws!
1990 - Ozarks, Aug. 10-13
1992 - South Dakota, July 17-19 (?)
1993 - Yuma, March 5-7 (?)
1993 - Santa Fe, August 26-29 (mini-reunion)
1994 - St. Louis, June 26-27
1996 - ?
1998 - Phoenix, March 6-7 [according to Paula H. calendar search]
1998 - Yuma
2000 - Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2-5. At the home of Bill and Dagmar Schilke.
2002 - St. Louis, June 14-17
2004 - Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin, June 17-21
2006 - Manitou Springs, Colorado, June 9-12
2008 - Santa Rosa, June 13-16
2010 - St. Louis, June 25-28
2012 - Spearfish, South Dakota, June 22-25
2014 - Phoenix, April 3-7
2016 - Augusta, Missouri, June 2-6
2018 - Cincinnati, May 18-20
2020 - Spearfish, South Dakota

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