Runge Family Genealogy and Reunions

My mother's father's family came over from Germany and settled in Bonduel, Wisconsin. The families in Bonduel that produced all our ancestors in America are: Runge, Dicke, Fenie, Schilke, and Froehlich.

Descendants of Friederich & Freidericka Runge, Wisconsin pioneers
Runge Family Tree - PDF

Find a more detailed family tree click here: Runge and Christiansen Ancestors of Paula Jean Hassler. This family tree covers both sides of my mother's ancestry, Runge and Christiansen.


This chart shows information about the Richard Schilke family of Arizona. This is a branch that goes with the Schilke section of the family tree links above. Sent in by Cousin Dave Thompson, Richard and Linda Schilke's son.

History of Runge Cousins Reunions, 1930s to present - this link lists the date and location of all the reunions. It also includes the reunion minutes for 1959-1971, typewritten and distributed by Irma Fenie.

Runge Cousins Reunion in in Augusta, Missouri, June 3-5, 2016 The reunions were revived in 1984 and take place every two years, in even numbered years, in a different location around the USA. These are my photos from the 2016 reunion.

Runge Cousins Reunion in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 19-20, 2018 This is my report on the 2018 reunion.

Memoir by Jerry Froehlich - architect, artist, Runge Cousin, and family genealogist, wrote this memoir over many years. We put it online after the 2018 Runge Cousins Reunion in Cincinnati.


Pastor Carl Runge's church in Hanover Township, Iowa.

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